Top 10 Reasons to buy from Welenco Stove Store:

1. Trust: When it comes down to it: you can be confident that WELENCO STOVE STORE is the right choice to place your trust. We do everything we say we will do with no short cuts, because in the end, we want one thing above all: you, the customer, to be happy!

2. Top-Notch Service: After your purchase, we won’t leave you in the cold. We respond to calls as quickly as possible; we service everything we sell.

3. Price: When it comes to hearth products, you get what you pay for. With WELENCO, you’re getting the best stove for the money. We’ll give you a written quote so you know what your final price will be, with no hidden costs.

4. Experience: Todd Huffaker started working for WELENCO when it opened in 1979. He has owned WELENCO Stove store since 1979. No one has been selling and installing stoves in the Quad-Cities longer than we have.

5. See it BURN: Our showroom has THE MOST BURNING MODELS within 100 miles! You want to compare the appearance of the fire, and the only way to do that is to see it burning, before you buy. The fire in our products is extremely realistic, and these units will heat your home.

6. Expert Installation: Our installation team is focused on ensuring you the very best, cleanest, most professional installation possible. This is what we DO, it’s not a sideline for us. When we finish, you’ll know the job was done RIGHT!

7. Quality Assurance: You know the stove you get from WELENCO is manufactured to the industry’s highest standards. Most carry limited Lifetime Warranties.

8. Efficiency: Today’s high-efficiency hearth products burn more cleanly than ever – so your energy dollar goes farther, and you’re helping the environment.

9. Beauty: We’ve searched the industry for the most attractive fireplaces in a variety of designs that will complement your home.

10. Add Equity. Adding a new fireplace to your home, or updating an older on can add thousands in resale value to your home, with up to 100% investment recovery!

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