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The products we offer have been selected for their quality and value, but also in part, to minimize the service calls our customers might need. However, if something comes up, you can rest assured we won’t leave you out in the cold. Our trained and certified service technicians have more years’ experience than any other local service providers.

We are happy to provide service on products we’ve sold, within a 100-mile radius of our Lewiston store. A mileage fee applies for areas beyond a 20-mile radius.


Summer Maintenance Special:

For our customers with natural gas or propane units, we are happy to offer our annual “Summer Maintenance Special”, June 1st  through August 15th . This is an in-depth inspection and cleaning, that will ensure your gas appliance is ready for the first cold autumn nights. We offer a discounted rate on the service call, and we coordinate summer maintenance calls for outlying areas, with the mileage fee being divided accordingly.


A Full Cleaning/Service Call:

Our licensed technician will inspect and clean the appliance, including the fans, burner, logs, and glass. He checks for rust and corrosion or deterioration throughout and performs a safety check on the valve, adjusts the air ratio, confirms electrical and gas connections and verifies that the gaskets are sealing properly. He checks for smooth ignition, correct amperage on the thermocouple and thermopile, and ensures that thermostats and remote controls are working correctly.

Customers that purchase new gas appliances are automatically added to our mailing list to receive a reminder flyer in the spring. If you  would like to be included in our mailing, please contact our store with your information. We do not sell, trade or share your mailing information with anyone, ever. When you call us for a summer maintenance service, we will coordinate your service call with others in your area, for the same day.